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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be challenging to live with day in and day out. Anything from sitting for long hours to being active in sports can cause lower back pain to flare. Whether you are suffering from a recent injury or are working through a chronic condition, our team at ADIO Family Chiropractic can help. Below, let's look at lower back pain in more detail and learn how a chiropractor may help.  


What Is Causing My Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can come from many sources, including injury or illness. Usually, lower back pain that is due to an injury occurs during a measurable fall or other accident. Lower back pain injuries can be as simple as a pulled muscle or as severe as a torn ligament or broken bone in your spine. Other times, lower back pain stems from a chronic disease or condition. This pain usually comes on gradually and becomes worse with time. Common illnesses and ailments that impact the lower back include sciatica, osteoporosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis, or certain disc diseases. Even poor posture or long hours of sitting and standing can cause lower back pain.  

Why Do I Feel Tingling?

While lower back pain may be painful, people sometimes experience other symptoms that accompany the pain. One common symptom is numbness and tingling. These symptoms can be felt at the site of the injury, or may extend to the extremities. Usually, people with lower back pain will feel numbness and tingling in their buttocks, legs, or feet. Numbness and tingling are often associated with disc disease or nerve damage.  

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Luckily, chiropractors offer safe and effective treatment options targeted at curing your lower back pain. Our chiropractor can use just one technique, or combine several, to give you customized and unique treatment. These therapies include spinal adjustments and stretching/strengthening exercises. Every patient is different and will receive a customized treatment plan.  

At ADIO Family Chiropractic, our patients are our priority. Our knowledgeable, professional, and caring team works with patients to ensure compassionate and complete treatment. We understand how difficult lower back pain can be to live with, and we are pleased to offer comprehensive, effective, and safe treatments to help mitigate and cure lower back pain. Based in Saint Charles, MO, our team is dedicated to finding real solutions, allowing you to return to the activities you love. If you want to set up an initial evaluation or have questions about our services, contact our office by calling (636) 498-2346 today.  

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