I shall always have Dr. Wallace in my life, for he has the key to life in his hands, which I feel he loves to share and make his patients whole and subluxation free. Geraldine-St. Louis

A few years ago, my bones decided to cripple me with such pain that every morning was a brief moment of “How can I live like this!” God help me. Then because of finding Dr. Dave, I can now say that each day is a blessing. I can walk and do things I couldn’t for years. Thank you for giving me my life back. Peggy—St. Charles

When I came to ADIO, my legs and body always felt tired and my energy level was low. I also had indigestion/heartburn on a daily basis. After my first visit I noticed a huge difference in my energy level. I also helped tremendously with my indigestion. Coming here for adjustments has made a big difference for me.-Gerald-St. Charles

We originally came with complaints of neck, back, and leg pains. Now we come to stay well. On occasion Dr. Dave will find some subluxations and correct them. We appreciate and are grateful for Dr. Dave’s concern and ability to help us stay well to enjoy life every day. Amy-St. Peters

When I consulted Dr. Wallace, I was suffering from carpal tunnel in my right hand. I felt tingling, pain, and loss of strength in my hand. This problem had been going on for three years. I feared that I would have to have surgery on my wrist to correct this problem. After three months of adjustments I rarely experience slight tingling in my hand. So before you try surgery, try chiropractic because it could work. I did not have to have surgery because of chiropractic care! Joanne-St. Charles

I had lower back pain and felt run- down before coming. Since starting treatment, I haven’t had lower back pain as often and feel more energetic. We don’t realize how important our spinal system is to us-it controls our entire body’s function. Diane-O’Fallon

My daughter started seeing Dr. Dave right before she turned one month old. She was diagnosed by her doctor with acid reflux. She was miserable-not sleeping at night, not napping during the day, crying all the time. She now sleeps regularly, enjoys playing, and SMILES since she is no longer in pain. She’s a happy little girl and I know that Dr. Dave played a role in that. Angela-Creve Coeur

When I consulted Dr. Wallace I was suffering from constant headaches and restless sleep for at least two years. After my first month of adjustments I saw and felt drastic results. I feel I have gained wonderful benefits from chiropractic care. Colleen – St. Charles